Truth / Rant about NFT's & IRL Art  by the Founder of, Erik Hesson

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Truth / Rant about NFT's & IRL Art by the Founder of, Erik Hesson

Truth: The mainstream NFT landscape is the scammiest, most-annoying landscape I've ever tried to navigate in my life. Why the f*ck do so many scammers have to ruin the party for everyone. Now, the whole ecosystem seems like an annoying f*ckfest of fake accounts, fake DM's, fake links, fake comments, fake promotions, fake sales, hackers, sweeper bots, phishing scams, etc... W.T.F. ðŸĪŠðŸ™ƒðŸĪĒðŸ˜ĩ

For the record... I will continue to build my IRL Wall Art business & website, and yes I will still be making NFT's available too; but mainly as 'a receipt for purchased artworks and as a practical way to offer Commercial Licensing for my original artworks/files to interested parties'... And I will still be releasing a collection of unique 1 of 1 NFT's on the @heritynetwork starting in June for my Dali World Collection, so maybe I can try to contribute to the legitimization of the NFT Art landscape, but that task seems quite daunting... So, I guess I'll keep you posted on all fronts... Anyway, glad I'm a real artist bcuz #RealArtWillPrevail and #RealArtistsWillPrevail

And if you do purchase anything on the site here, you can use the Discount Code: Founder25a to save 25% off your order at checkout. Thanks in advance for your support and thanks for visiting 🙏ðŸĪ™ðŸ’›

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