NFT Art/Portfolio

Each NFT purchase provides the buyer with the following Utility/Perks: 1. Granting of Licensing Rights to the original artwork and permission to reproduce and monetize the artwork in any way the buyer chooses.. (giving the buyer the ability/legal rights to open an art gallery/gift shop and sell fine art prints and/or other products made from the original artwork, in addition to being able to resell the nft for profit). 2. Every NFT purchase includes a Limited-Edition/Signed Print of the artwork to be mailed out within a week of NFT purchase. 3. Every NFT includes the corresponding ENS Domain for the artwork on the main site for 4. Every NFT includes a Lifetime Pass to the Dali World Theme Park Attraction for the Metaverse (Opening in Jan 2023) 5. And for anyone who purchases more than one NFT from the Faces of Dali Collection, I will also give that person a VIP Art Exhibition Tour of Downtown St Pete (travel & lodging not included); a 3-hour tour starting at the Dali Museum, then to my personal studio, and then to view my personal favorite murals in the Downtown St Pete area.


Artworks are also available here as Wall Art...