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Take a stroll with casual high-style thanks to these E.H Signature Slides sandals for Women. Made for style and with enhanced durability, these slides feature a high-end quality factor comparable to other household-namebrands.  The ergonomic soles keep you comfortable, and the unique style sets you apart from the crowd...

The Deco Series has removable/interchangeable straps for easy cleaning and versatility... If you buy 2 different pairs with 2 different strap colors and different base colors, you can interchange them to create 4 color combinations/choices in-the-moment, and thus get the style functionality/flexibility of 4 pairs of slides from just 2.  For example, if you buy a pair that has a mustard-colored strap and white base, and you also buy a pair that has a sienna-colored strap and black base... With the Deco Series removable straps/snaps, you can make 4 combinations out of those 2 pairs of slides to double your flexibility/style choices...  (The 2 pairs mentioned above can create the following 4 style combinations: Mustard with white base, Mustard with black base, Sienna with white base, Sienna with black base).