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Bringing people together and uniting everyone for the common good. -There are many divisive influences in the world, and we need to rise above those and come together. We need to realize that we are all special and unique; and yet at the same time, we are also co-dependent on one another in order to live a healthy, happy, sustainable life on this planet. And life is much better and more beautiful when we embrace others as brothers and sisters. Our St Pete community and the Global Art Community are wonderful examples of that neighborly sentiment and kinship... This site and my other endeavor, the Social Initiative and clothing brand I AM ST PETE aim to build on that and create a true community alliance and a true sense of togetherness and collaboration. This site is a tribute to Innovation and to our great city and to Art; and most importantly, to the People who make this planet so great. Please Enjoy our high-quality Fine Art Prints and our Designer Gift Items... Thanks for visiting and we look forward to meeting you/hearing from you/getting to know you, etc... Stay connected to see new art and new events etc... And we hope you enjoy these new art collections...

Thank you, Friends and Neighbors

Erik Hesson - Artist, Founder/CEO


Fine Artist

Erik Hesson is a self-taught artist who has been developing his style and mastering his craft for decades.

Claiming to have initially learned how to paint in a highly-cognitive dream state, his artistic journey has truly been an exploratory and experimental process throughout its many phases. For a vast majority of the time, variations of Abstract Expressionism were his style of choice; with some Geometric Abstraction and a few other styles like Impressionism being experimented with as well.

Feeling confident after a few years of developing his style and skill, which includes a unique texture and shading technique that introduces a new way of capturing light, he created an innovative new art style called Linear Perspectivism. A scene is represented from a single perspective, using basic geometric forms, dynamic texture and vibrant colors to create an idealized three-dimensional abstract composition.

With this new style, Erik is attempting to create a new visual language in art, one which uses the Classical Principle of Linear Perspective as the predominant construct of the composition/aesthetic, as opposed to being an underlying design element.

"What Cubism did to the Cube, Linear Perspectivism does to Linear Perspective," he says. Linear Perspectivism has three main influences: Kandinsky's Geometric Abstraction, Picasso's Cubism and the Classical Principles of Linear Perspective and Proportion.

Erik has since created the Faces of Dali Collection, the Dali World Collection, and the new art style Cubic Surrealism in 2022. He also Founded his new art website in early 2022, and he is currently planning his 1st Solo Show for Winter of 2022.