'Dichotomy of Perspective & Reality' | Framed Limited-Edition

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Introducing my new line of Limited-Edition Giclée Fine Art Prints. These are investable artworks that have the potential to increase in value over time, due to the limited quantity and Certificate of Authenticity.  These are Museum-quality Fine Art Prints and they come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity.  Each premium quality Fine Art Print is Giclée-printed on a thick, archival, acid-free, and durable gloss paper that is Museum-quality/Archival-quality.


.: Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²)
.: Giclée print quality / Museum-quality
.: Certificate of Authenticity

Linear Perspectivism - An art style and painting technique, developed and used by artist Erik Hesson, in which a scene is represented from a single perspective; using basic geometric forms, dynamic texture, and vibrant colors to create an idealized three-dimensional abstract composition. This style is an attempt to create a balanced fusion of Geometric Abstraction, Cubism, and Realism. The style was first introduced in 2017 by Erik Hesson, a resident artist of St. Petersburg, Fl.

With this new style, Erik is attempting to create a new visual language in art, one which uses the Classical Principle of Linear Perspective as the predominant construct of the composition/aesthetic, as opposed to being an underlying design element.

"What Cubism did to the Cube, Linear Perspectivism does to Linear Perspective," he says. Linear Perspectivism has three main influences: Kandinsky's Geometric Abstraction, Picasso's Cubism and the Classical Principles of Linear Perspective and Proportion.

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